Who We Are


In 2014, we took a leap. We had a dream and a vision that our friends, families and those inspired by our designs would have the most beautiful decorative pillows in their homes. Founder, Erika Pantages, took inspiration from graffiti through her daily travels, and made moves to turn this inspiration into treasured pillows that were an extension of not only her style, but the style of everyone around her.

Erika quickly turned this vision into much more than graffiti styles - she created an indoor line that featured a signature linen base, with the most recent collections including leather, cashmere, neon and pom pom trim appliqués. Yet, Erika knew there was more and the waterproof collection was born.

Clients were seeking their own pillows, completely unique to them. Clients loved showcasing pillows in their homes that were hand-made, hand stitched, with everything sourced in Vancouver, Canada. So, Erika began to create custom pillows for home and business use. Have you seen our pillows in your local restaurants or hotels?

We are focused on reducing our carbon footprint. 
With every pillow designed, sewn and hand detailed in Vancouver, we are committed to quality. We support Vancouver-based businesses in sourcing such materials, and are proud to local. Our focus is to keep our carbon footprint low, not only for the benefit of our clients, but to minimize the impact we have on the environment.

We support Project Limelight.
Partial proceeds of all decorative pillows sold are donated to Project Limelight, a theatre program for children in the Downtown Eastside. We support our local communities, and appreciate the great work that Project Limelight accomplishes. To learn more about this organization, click here.

About Erika Pantages
Erika founded Pillow Fight Factory in 2014 after having a vision that was soon turned into reality through the idea of creating custom pillows in Vancouver. Previous to Pillow Fight, Erika Pantages spent time doing business development and marketing for local brands including Melanie Auld Jewelry.  She was also co-founder of Vancouver t-shirt company Dirty Laundry. Erika is a proud Strathcona resident and enjoys spending time with her husband and two kids, exploring city streets, neighborhoods and everything Vancouver has to offer.